Why use solar wireless security monitoring system?

The technology of the JIMI solar powered wireless security camera system enables them to be installed virtually anywhere, no matter how remote the property or the availability of the power grid. This makes them ideal for protecting and monitoring remote locations as well as properties in environmentally sensitive areas where installing the infrastructure would be invasive.

The first step in the process is to determine where you will mount and install your solar security camera. It is imperative you select a location that gets the most sun exposure throughout the day. Even though you only need a few outs of sun exposure to keep your camera powered throughout the day, you do not want to put the JIMI outdoor solar security camera in a location that will be hidden with shade. Install it high over your parking lot for a bird-eye sight of every action on your land. Pick a region that earns a minimum of 1-3 hours of bright sun per day. Guarantee that the system can stay powered each day. So you apparently would not have to adjust it periodically.

Why should you get a solar-powered wireless security camera?

  1. No need to change batteries
  2. Environmentally friendly
  3. Can be installed in remote sites or geographically challenging environments.
  4. No requirement of long wires
  5. Quick and Easy to Install

Log cabins in the woods
Sheds in the backyard
Vacation homes
Kids’ bedroom windows
Construction sites
Off-the-grid farms
Rental properties
Forest fire prevention
Stables – especially stalls for animals with health concerns

Wireless, solar-powered and cellular-based security monitoring solution fills a void in remote areas surveillance and becomes an ideal choice for you to solve the “difficult in power supply” and “hard for network access”.

As a growing business, it is your responsibility to invest in renewable energy and do your bit for the environment. A solar-powered security system is the best way to get started as it lets you maintain a completely wireless approach while also getting the best security possible. Using clean energy also elevates your brand value as an organization that chooses to invest in clean sources of energy.

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