What You Need to Know Before Buying a 4G Outdoor Monitoring System

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right 4G Outdoor Monitoring System for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Resolution: The most important technical spec of a smart outdoor camera is its resolution. The higher the resolution, the clearer the picture. You’ll want the best-looking video possible in case of a break-in because it’s the piece of evidence you’re going to review, and possibly turn over to the police. All of the cameras on this list capture video in HD (either 720P or 1080P), so you’ll get a very high-quality recording of any suspicious activity.

Smart-home integration: All smart outdoor security cameras have the ability to send you alerts when they sense motion, and send a live video feed to your smartphone, tablet, or computer at all times. But many also integrate with smart-home platforms like Amazon’s Alexa, allowing you to arm or disarm the camera with just your voice.

Durability: You’re going to keep these cameras outside, so they need to be designed to withstand the elements without getting damaged. The durability of technology is measured on the IP (Ingress Protection) scale, which tells you how susceptible it is to dust and water. Any rating above an IP64 means the gadget is capable of being exposed to rainstorms without the risk of serious damage. All of the cameras on this list have a higher IP rating than that, though, so they shouldn’t fail due to inclement weather.

Power source: There’s a good chance you have more outlets available inside your home than outside, so we made sure to pick a lot of outdoor cameras that have rechargeable batteries with a long life. In some cases, the smart outdoor security camera comes in a battery or cabled version. Using a battery-powered camera does mean you’ll have to recharge it once or twice a year, but it’s worth the minor inconvenience since it allows you to place your camera anywhere on your property.

Subscriptions: Some smart outdoor security cameras require you to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to store video clips in the cloud, so you can view them later. Video clips are taken each time the camera senses motion. You’ll always have the option to save a video clip to your phone if you catch the notification on your phone when motion is detected without paying the fee. A subscription allows you to preview clips if you miss that notification.

JIMI 4G Outdoor Monitoring System. Wireless, solar-powered, and cellular-based security monitoring solution fills a void in remote areas surveillance and becomes an ideal choice for you to solve the “difficult in power supply” and “hard for network access”.

If you need to monitor remote farm, forest, and other remote areas without electricity, Jimi outdoor monitoring solution works with solar panels to provide non-stop power. And you don’t need to worry, those battery-powered cameras can perform perfectly even the weather keeps raining.

If you need surveillance at your ranch, but there is no Wi-Fi. No problem, the 4G wireless IP camera is the solution for you. It uses the 4G LTE network to transmit live video streaming and instant alerts without ethernet cables, so it is a budget-friendly option for you as reducing costly installation and wiring cost.

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