What makes JIMI 4G rugged body-worn camera much preferable in the African security market?

Within over 20 years of industry experience, JimiIoT is providing IoT total solutions to customers from all over the world. Today we would like to show you our Intelligent Security Solutions, and our topic is “What makes JIMI 4G rugged body-worn camera much preferable in African security market”.

Before entering the topic, please allow us to share some information about South Africa, as we know, the security service industry has grown rapidly in Africa. According to statistics, there are more than 9,000 registered security companies in South Africa, and over 25 million security guards. Annual profits are over 6.5 billion dollars, from this page, you can see while they’re less than 20 million dollars in body cameras investment for Africa and the Middle East market in 2018. So we believe that there are a very good market and very large permeability.

Got stuck in those challenges during their security management?

For example:

  • Belated decision and assistance with low Timeliness of Digital Evidence pass back without 4G network.
  • Inefficient location positioning under emergency without GPS tracking.
  • Inaccurate Case Situation Reporting without live streaming.
  • Poor conduct and manage your staff when on duty without NFC.

Confront these challenges, How JIMI’s promoted 4G body-worn camera can help to solve the problems?

Let me show how our promoted 4G rugged body-worn camera can help to deal with those matters from these 3 main aspects.

  • 4G Body camera supports digital evidence upload in real-time.
  • Video streaming and a two-way push to talk are helpful for accurate reports.
  • Support attendance recording by GPS tracking and NFC functions.

Today we will share our options based hardware and software in 3 parts, 1st part is about physical features, 2nd part is the main function of a body-worn camera, 3rd part is software solution and usage

About hardware, we have 2 models now.

The first model is our B8H Body-worn camera with MTK solution. Let’s start with its button features. On the left side, the 1st one is the PTT button for 2 way talk, 2nd one is video record for evidence collect, 3rd one is the audio record and the last is picture taking. On the right side, it starts with multiple Type-C ports, besides for charging, it not only can connect with headsets and external camera but also use for data output. 2nd one is the SOS button for emergency assistance call. 3rd one is a critical event tag, there is conflict in an accident, and the related person will make an excuse to shirk their duties, you can record a video, audio or picture and then press this button to mark it with an important event, the officers can see an important tag when you upload to the dispatcher. And this is the power button, we also reserved the desktop charger contact here. With 2.8 inches compatible touch screen, it’s more convenient for operating. And here is the rear camera for live video call. At the top, there is a named tag area, it helps to distinguish your staff quickly.

Another option is the B9 Body-worn camera with Qualcomm solution.

Similar to B8H, all the frequent using buttons were mounted in 2 sides. From left, 1st one is the PTT button, 2nd one is Auto Focus Camera/V+ button, IR cut/V- button, snapshot button, and Power button. In the right, you can see USB/3.5mm headsets port, video record/NFC button, audio record button, and SOS button.

Obviously, B9 with 3 cameras, besides the main and rear camera, also with autofocus camera for data acquisition, like an ID card. With an IP68 dust-and-water proof rating, the durable B8H and B9 can stand up in the demanding environmental conditions. And the rugged design and tough casing mean that it can easily sustain a drop from 2 meters and keep on ticking. After physical features, let’s share some main functions about those body-worn cameras.

What makes our product so special is that 4G all in one. Including 4G/WIFI push to talk (audio and video), live audio/video streaming, GPS tracking, built-in NFC, and Dual-MIC Noise cancellation. One of the most important functions of our body-worn camera is to push to talk over 4G/WiFi network. Audio call support real-time report and further instructions. Video call can help control room officers make a decision accordingly. Live streaming support officers monitoring and dispatching anytime without the staff’s answer.

For evidence record,  be with 4K and 1080 pixels resolution alternative options and 120 degrees wide angle, B9, and B8H record evidence more clearly and original. What’s more, with excellent IR light in low-light sensor, B8H and B9 give an optimal night vision with a distance greater than 8 meters. So it is really helpful for the evidence record.

Another function is real-time GPS tracking. Sometimes, you have assigned your guards to execute tasks in spot, while you have no idea whether they were there or not. GPS tracking function will indicate to you where they are on the map.NFC function allows for patrol check-in management, so you can easily know who’s on the beat and where they are.

The camera must work with the dispatcher platform.

Our dispatch platform is a PC program with license log-in permission.

It supports over 9 multiple functions, the first one is:

  • Group management: create and delete group, assign and manage terminal users.
  • Location monitoring: history playback and real-time positioning.
  • Video Monitoring: video call to terminal and live audio/video streaming without response. Also, live streaming transfer from device A to device B.
  • Broadcast call: create a broadcast room and send an audio message to the terminal.
  • Individual call: call individual terminal when needed.
  • Call recording: can record the video when on calling.
  • Geo-Fence: create a Geofence and add the terminals, or circle the terminal on the map to create a Geofence.
  • Emergency alert: receive SOS alert from the terminal and start live streaming automatically.
  • Instant message: send text/picture/voice/video message to group or terminal directly.

Based on the functions, our platform supports the dispatching reports, that including the push to talk report, SOS report, audio call report, upload video report, and so on.

After hardware and software introduction, you may wonder how our hardware works with the dispatch platform and how the recording date store to server. The hardware will connect with dispatch server and send all of the data to dispatch server via the 4G network, it can support Geo-fence, GPS positioning, track query, route planning, remote monitoring and management, accident analysis and management, video and audio data query, command and control in an emergency based those data.

For picture/video/audio data storage, there are 3 alternative options of B8H and B9.

  • Option 1 is transfer visual data to our PC program dispatch system via 4G/WiFi/USB cable.
  • Option 2 is upload data to docking station server with a USB cable, and playback in the docking station.
  • Option3 is to upload data to docking station servers with a USB cable and connect with a digital evidence management system for encryption and Anti-tampering management, then it can support edit, share and replay in the docking station.

As we learn that many African clients already have their own platform control room, it need integrate our hardware to their server, there is no problem, we can offer the original firmware, API key, and demo for integration actually.

who may request this solution?

Most law enforcement Depts may request those solutions for management, like traffic police, fire protection, urban management, customs, procuratorate, and court, etc(et cetera). Also the commercial institute like insurance companies, public transportation companies, transportation, and logistics company, construction company, commercial mall, hotels, etc(et cetera).

For more information, please at https://jimisecu.com/contact-us/