What are the application scenarios of the 4G law enforcement recorder?

The 4G law enforcement recorder can realize real-time audio-visual dialogue and real-time intercom between the law enforcement recorder and the command center through the 4G network, and transmit the law enforcement scene status to the back-end command center in real-time, improving the efficiency of law enforcement, and quickly and effectively solve the problem of daily law enforcement. In the process, the background command cannot understand the problems on the spot for the first time when encountering emergencies. It can be widely used in the urban road traffic police, patrols, stations, forestry, water conservancy, law enforcement supervision, and other departments.

Due to the continuous expansion of the application industry and the scope of the scene, 4G law enforcement recorders have been widely used in all walks of life, not just staying in law enforcement units, and have surpassed the ordinary version of law enforcement recorders, becoming indispensable equipment for work units One. It not only has audio and video recording functions but also supports video recording, recording, real-time network transmission, GPS positioning, data uploading, and other functions. Law enforcement officers can also realize early warnings of the monitoring platform through the one-key alarm function of the equipment when encountering emergency situations during the duty. The ability to dispatch personnel in a timely manner and conduct remote command for emergencies greatly guarantees the safety of staff and the ability to handle incidents in a timely manner.

For example JIMI 4G rugged body-worn camera,

What Jimi rugged body-worn camera can help,

  1. 4G Bodycam support digital evidence real-time upload
  2. 4G Bodycam support video streaming/real-time GPS tracking and digital evidence upload etc. for accurate reporting
  3. NFC support attendance recording

JIMI 4G rugged body-worn camera, when an incident occurs, every second count. Jimi solution integrates your command center and field personnel to help you one-touch call deployment and coordinate mission-critical responses while keeping responders safe and constantly connected. And 4G highly-integrated body-worn cameras series serves as extra eyes and ears in the field. And transparency created by the cameras is also a powerful tool for both the public and the police.

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