Unlock Business Value with Jimi Public Safety Solutions

Leveraging innovation, resourcefulness, creativity, Jimi brings forward public safety solutions to build a smart city.

5G, AI, Ultra HD Have Limitless Potential to Make Cities Safer.
New IoT Public Safety Applications will be Enhanced.

Data:Turn information into intelligence and act with speed and decisiveness.
  • Digital imaging
  • Evidence management
  • Mobile devices
  • Statistical report
Video: Video is one of the strongest weapons in the public safety arsenal.
  • Real-time video monitoring and transmission
  • Ultra HD, 24/7 video capture
  • Video Analysis,e.g.AI Intelligent Recognition.
Command & Control: Command and control center system is the heart of a safe city.
  • CAD
  • Alarm software
  • GIS
  • Voice and video dispatch
  • File management software
Connections: IoT integrates various sensor systems to provide ubiquitous connectivity.
  • Dynamic perception system
  • Collect target information in multiple dimensions,e.g.activity track

Major Challenges for Law Enforcement or Business

Law Enforcement
  • Poor efficient positioning on SOS call
  • Inaccurate case situation reporting
  • Difficult collaboration across departments
  • No event recorded and tracked
  • Inefficient team communication
  • Dedicated video watching

Jimi public safety solutions feature with all in one, pre-caution alert and traceability.

Solution Architecture: Stay a step ahead and act in real time with instant, actionable information.

All in One, Smarter Workflows

Unify Three Major Systems
  • The integrated scheduling platform can receive, manage and interact multimedia information such as voice, data and video from various sources.
  • Simplify your operation, allocate resources more efficiently and coordinate seamlessly with other departments

Greater “on the Scene” Visibility

4G network live video and voice monitoring

From one-dimensional vision to holographic perception, you can intuitively grasp the real-time status of the scene and reveal key image details.

HD evidence captured

Crystal clear 4K/2K image and video quality with handheld or wearable video cameras.

All weather
  • Stay guard, dust or rain.
  • Good insight in dark with IR.
  • Large capacity battery.

Extending Command to the Front Line

When an incident occurs, every second counts.Jimi solution can help you one-touch call deployment across radios and coordinate mission-critical responses while keeping first responders safe and constantly connected.

Multiple Service Dispatching

  • Public network PoC
  • Video call
  • Multimedia message
  • Event report

Unified Operational View

Real-time resource monitoring

All the available resource can be displayed on one single map, such as officers,locations.

Multiple & separate screen
  • Multiple views and multiple displays are available.
  • No need to switch between different views all the time during operation.
One-click control
  • Identify dynamic patrol areas with geo-fence.
  • The operator can perform batch processing for fast action.

Traceable, Recordable

  • Track first responders with GPS-equipped radios or bodycams
  • Playback and display of the entire incident handing process including location history playback and all incoming / outgoing calls,etc.
  • Key, reliable digital evidence can be recorded in real time and stored on the dispatch system server

Jimi Security Hardware

B8H Body-Worn Camera

T28 4G Two Way Radio

Offender Electronic Monitoring Ankle Bracelet

Integrated Dispatch Monitoring Platform

  • Geo-fence
  • Voice monitoring
  • Text and data exchange
  • Various access privileges
  • Multiple & separate screen
  • 4G network real-time monitoring

Improve Security and Efficiency with Jimi

Smarter Decisions, Faster Responses

Facilitate quicker response times by enabling dispatchers to accurately capture and rapidly transfer information to officers in the field.

Optimize Operations

Accelerated workflow.High-efficient communication.Increase accuracy while saving the time and cost,so you can focus on your mission.

Enhance Visualization & Analytics

It is imperative to understand what is going on in real-time, not after the fact. Predictive analytics is a must.

Share Data Quickly & Securely

Share records quickly and securely with your regional agency partners to increase safety in neighboring communities and improve reporting.

If you want to learn more about public safety solutions, please don’t hesiate to contact us (info@jimisecu.com) !