Solutions For Law Enforcement

Smart Law Enforcement Solutions

Our solutions for law enforcement cater to the demands of unified dispatching of voice, live video, location and data, enabling fast, accurate response. Realize new ways to improve situational awareness and enhance officer safety while keeping workflows simple and intuitive.

Unified Service Solution for Lower OPEX


         Incident Awareness

  • Event reporting
  • SOS emergency call

Incident Handling & Management

  • Multiple service dispatching
  • Video monitoring management
  • GPS tracking

         Post-incident Review

  • Digital evidence collect
  • Digital evidence storage

Greater “on the scene” visibility

Know exactly what is happening, capture easily valuable evidence in the field and increase situational awareness.


Live video accurate reporting

Jimi live streaming body-worn camera can capture and share real-time video from the wearer's perspective to the control center, and even in the low light, it can give you the optimal field of view and image in the field.


Remote video and voice monitoring

Managers get the peace of mind knowing what’s happening in the field. From one-dimensional vision to holographic perception, Jimi empowers your team to take control of the situation and monitor officer safety.


Respond faster

Communicate quickly with dispatch, improve response times and facilitate decision-making. 

Unified dispatch

When an incident occurs, every second count. Jimi law enforcement software integrates your command center and field personnel to help you one-touch call deployment and coordinate mission-critical responses while keeping responders safe and constantly connected.

  • Public network PoC
  • Video call
  • Audio call
  • Text and data exchange
All-in-one solution

4G highly-integrated body worn cameras series serves as extra eyes and ears in the field. And transparency created by the cameras is also a powerful tool for both the public and the police.

  • 4G push to talk over cellular
  • 1080p full HD
  • NFC attendance management
GPS positioning on SOS call

Jimi solution is born to react faster when an emergency happens and record in real-time when rescue in process, thus saving lives.

  • Real-time positioning & tracking
  • Location history playback
  • Geo fence
  • SOS emergency call

Protect the truth

Record the most valuable digital evidence of the entire incident handing process to protect the safety of officers and build trust with the public.

Digital evidence management

Police officers upload all incoming/ outgoing video, photo, call evidence to the dispatch system server by docking stations. The system supports data collecting, importing, online searching, download and upload.



The Law Enforcement Agency of Bishkek

JIMI supports The Law Enforcement Agency of Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, with real-time dispatching system and digital evidence management, improves the dispatching efficiency of law enforcement, and protects safety and rights among police officers and citizens.

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