Can solar powered wireless security camera system be applied to monitor Forest fire?

Forest fire is one of the world’s important forestry disasters. With the continuous development of China’s afforestation industry, fire prevention has become the primary task. Forest fire prevention must implement the policy of “prevention first and active rescue”, and truly achieve early detection and early resolution. At present, solar powered wireless security camera system based on wireless network technology has been widely used in the field of forest fire prevention monitoring.

The front-end collection points are generally set on the commanding heights of the fire watch towers in the forest area. Including color-to-black low-illumination all-weather fog-through camera, long-focus fog-through electric zoom lens, positioning pan/tilt, and network video encoder. Each monitoring point transmits images to the monitoring center through the transmission system; the monitoring center can not only obtain comprehensive, clear, recordable and replayable multi-screen live real-time images, but also can operate and control the focal length of the front-end camera and the movement of the pan/tilt. Control, through the real-time angle return of the PTZ, combined with the GIS system, the longitude and latitude positioning of the fire point can be realized; the front end can be optionally equipped with an intelligent micro weather station, which can understand the current monitoring point’s wind, wind direction, temperature and humidity in real time. Provide powerful data information for forest fire prevention command; meet various requirements of current forest fire prevention.

Significant advantages of the solar video surveillance system:

  1. Determine the capacity of solar power generation according to the specific conditions of solar resources in the region and the power consumption of the load.
  2. Ensure continuous and stable power supply for all monitoring equipment.
  3. The wireless monitoring equipment considers power supply all day, and the maximum daily power supply time is: 24 hours.
  4. Economical, practical, reliable and safe.
  5. Long continuous use of cloudy and rainy days (the number of continuous power supply days can be designed according to the actual situation).
  6. It can provide DC12V 24V or AC220 power at the same time.
  7. The latest deep-cycle lead-acid maintenance-free waterproof battery is used as the energy storage device. The working temperature is between -40℃ and +60℃, and it has the characteristics of long life and high performance.
  8. Automatic control of equipment operation can realize unattended and wireless remote monitoring.
  9. It adopts special monitoring control and inverter system, which does not interfere with the normal receiving and sending signals of monitoring, simple and convenient management and maintenance, and extremely low operating costs.
  10. One time investment, long-term benefit;

The advantages of this solar-powered wireless communication and video surveillance system are as follows:

  1. Use solar energy independent power supply, wireless transmission, completely wireless;
  2. The components are flexible, compact, easy to install and network;
  3. AC and DC power supply mode meets the needs of various loads;
  4. Good safety, low maintenance cost and low cost.

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