Solar Powered Commercial Security Camera You are Looking for

The traditional surveillance industry requires real-time monitoring by security personnel, and has the disadvantages of difficult wiring and high cost. With the continuous development of intelligent security and surveillance industries, an emerging surveillance mode is quietly occupying the market-solar IP cameras. This type of camera directly subverts the shortcomings of the traditional surveillance industry and is suitable for long-term deployment and use by residents. Take Jimi solar powered commercial security camera as an example, it has powerful networking functions, easy operation, convenient access, and affordable prices.

Advantage #1: Jimi solar powered commercial security camera is flexible and wire-free
Jimi solar IP camera includes a high-definition (Full HD) camera with a solar panel. It is also equipped with Wi-Fi networking capabilities. Users can interact with the camera and its screen remotely through a smartphone. Unlike traditional surveillance, Jimi IP cameras do not need cables to transmit data or video, which makes installation and deployment easier. Solar power support also eliminates the need for power cables – making the unit completely cable-free, and is suitable for locations where power is not available. Finally, and more importantly, there is no fear of wires being cut.

Advantage #2: Jimi solar powered commercial security camera is low carbon, power saving and easy to install
Using this camera saves money on electricity bills and is low carbon. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, it can be fully charged during the day and used continuously at night and on days with insufficient sunlight, suitable for long-term deployment and reliable operation. In addition, the product provides enhanced deployment flexibility, requiring only the simplest installation procedures and connection to the Wi-Fi network to use the surveillance function, which is convenient for later expansion and reduction of infrastructure construction.

Advantage #3: Jimi solar powered commercial security camera supports cloud storage
After the solar IP camera is installed, it can be accessed and controlled through an application (app) on Android or Apple iOS device. The availability of real-time video transmission and recorded footage can reduce the need for continuous monitoring. This is a great blessing for people who must monitor a certain area but cannot actually be in that area.
Although the camera is equipped with a local storage device that can record video clips (SD card is the most common application), the emergence of cloud networking means that the recorded clips can be accessed at any time from any location. The option of using both local (SD card) and cloud storage at the same time ensures that there is a backup in case of network interference or failure.

Advantage #4: Jimi solar powered commercial security camera is of clear image quality and motion detection capability
Compared with the blurred and pixel-stacked images with a VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels produced by the CCTV system, the images recorded by Jimi solar powered commercial security camera have a high resolution of 1920 x 1080p. It also provides reliable 24/7 monitoring. The infrared LED with light sensor can continuously monitor all night, bringing the user peace of mind.
Like many modern products are equipped with motion detection sensors, Jimi solar powered commercial security camera can detect movement in nearby areas in real time. When motion is detected, the camera can send a warning signal and a stream of related video footage – all directly to your phone. The motion detection function also allows the camera to remain in standby mode until the system detects motion.

Solar IP cameras are gradually replacing traditional surveillance cameras. Jimi solar powered security camera’s affordable price and convenient installation make the surveillance industry no longer exclusive to enterprises, and it has the ability to enter ordinary households. With Jimi solar powered security camera, the monitoring function can be easily used, the installation is convenient, and the camera can be used for interaction. Jimi has more than 20 years of chip-level research and development experience, and has more than 300 international leading patents worldwide. Jimi is helping to revolutionize the surveillance industry with its solar powered commercial security camera and many more smart security products based on the Jimi embedded intelligent development platform.