Smart Video Doorbell

Integrated Design Smart Video Doorbell Solution

Our solution creates a "User+Terminal+System" model using advanced information technologies (such as IR, PIR), which offers home security management. Smart video doorbell installed at home enable users' visibility of their house's entryway and screen their visitors anytime anywhere. Users can easily watch the video of whoever or whatever comes to your door or crosses your walkway on the APP.

How the Solution Works

DC09 architecture

What We Can Provide


Integrated Design
With integrated design, the doorbell is already installed on the door before delivery. It is totally different with aftermarket-installed doorbell.

In-wall WiFi Access Point
Using in-wall WiFi access point, the smart doorbell’s network will not be affected by the installation environment, and will be very stable.

Powered Via the Mains
The smart doorbell can be powered via the mains. You will not be bothered by the battery issue.

How the Integrated Design Smart Doorbell Works


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With the Jimi IoT Cam App, you can capture, save, protect, and share what's valuable to you.

live streaming
Live streaming
PIR motion detection
IR night vision
IR night-vision
1080P HD
1080P HD
140 wide angle
140° Wide Angle
Cloud storage
Cloud storage
DC09 phone app


Door manufacturers
Smart home devices vendors
Smart home devices vendors
Real estate developer
Real estate developer
House design company

Success Case

Jimi IoT has provided the smart video doorbell solution for a large door manufacturer in China. It not only has greatly improved the grade of their products, but also has increased the gross profit of a single product.

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