Smart Security Guard Solution

Smart Security Guard Solution

Creating a more safe and transparent environment for the large-scale public places or the communities you serve. The integrated dispatching system brings about a cost-saving for you that unifies PoC System, Video Streaming System, Digital Evidence Management System, and Patrol System.

Smart Dispatching System



All in One Body Worn Camera

Lightweight, yet rugged video cameras that integrate 4G Push to Talk over Cellular, 1080P Full HD, and NFC to provide an extremely user-friendly solution. In this way, security personnel no longer use separated devices, such as Walkie-Talkie, Digital Camera and Patrol Stick, and lighten the burden.

bodycam law

GPS Tracking & PoC on SOS Call

When there is the urgent incident that happened, according to the SOS call and GPS location, dispatchers can quickly allocate the nearest security personnel to help which is time-saving. Besides, Jimi gives a professional PTT to strengthen emergency response and communication with the wide availability of strong 4G signal.

Live Video Accurate Reporting

1080p Live Video delivers improved visibility into situation in the field and allows security personnel to gain complete situational awareness and respond accordingly.

Real time monitoring

Geo-Fence to Guarantee Safe Patrols

Jimi security guard system allows supervisors to set geo-fence that trigger automatic alerts if guards aren’t in the right place at the right time. Besides, Is your officer ducking out to grab a coffee or take a nap in their car? GPS can tell you to ensure they're doing their job.

Success Case

The Law Enforcement Agency of Bishkek

JIMI supports The Law Enforcement Agency of Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, with real-time dispatching system and digital evidence management, improves the dispatching efficiency of law enforcement, and protects safety and rights among police officers and citizens.

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