The Best Smart Doorbell Camera for 2021

In the past, closed-circuit television (CCTV) or wall-mounted network cameras (IP cameras) were usually used in homes or offices to provide video surveillance. In recent years, driven by cutting-edge technology, the requirements for safety and intelligence have been increasing, and the development of smart homes is in full swing. The “smart video doorbell” with video surveillance and doorbell functions has become more and more popular.

Currently, most smart doorbells use built-in batteries or dry batteries. Users often complain about trouble charging, short battery life and unstable WiFi connection, and occasionally go offline. Today, we recommend Jimi Smart Video Doorbell DC09 for you because it can solve these problems well.

How did DC09 solve the problems?

1. Use a wireless repeater

DC09 uses a wireless repeater to connect with the video doorbell. Compared with ordinary video doorbells, the network signal is more stable.

2. Power over Ethernet (POE)

Powered by POE, the device does not need to be connected to any power source. As long as the home is powered on, it can work 7*24h without the trouble of charging.

3. 1080P+ night vision

High-definition camera combined with built-in infrared night vision light, the longest night vision distance can reach 5 meters, even in the dark, you can see clearly

4. PIR motion detection

DC09 uses a smart PIR motion detect sensor, which can monitor all the day. If there is an abnormality in front of the door, the device will sent alarm information to the APP/platform.

5. Cloud + SDK storage

The device supports cloud storage and SDK storage (16G), users can view playback at any time.

Who is DC09 suitable for?

Different from the smart doorbells on the market, DC09 adopts an integrated embedded design, which is more suitable for real estate development, home improvement design, and smart home industries. It is used to build smart apartments, smart communities, smart home projects, and empower one-stop smart home deployment.

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