Security Body Camera Make Law Enforcement more Intelligently and Efficiently

With the rapid development of technology, security body camera has become an important part of civilized law enforcement. Security body camera plays an important role in daily police handling, duty inspections, emergency response and protection of major activities. As a well-known domestic security electronic device manufacturer, the body camera launched by Jimi IoT is widely acclaimed, helping the development of various work in the security industry.

As the basic terminal of police law enforcement, security body camera is also a flexible mobile application device, which carries all the needs of front-line personnel. Only excellent quality, user-friendly design, and practical functions can provide practical support for intelligent law enforcement.

Jimi IoT B8H body-worn camera is a high-performance product that has the advantages of high-definition night vision, noise resistance and drop resistance, and can be applied to various complex law enforcement environments. Jimi IoT has years of experience in photography and recording technology, which brings good video, photograph and audio effects to this law enforcement recorder product. It is equipped with high-definition lens components and photosensitive elements, which can achieve 40 million-pixel high-definition photography and 1080P ultra-clear video, and it has built-in infrared night vision and low-light environment fill-in functions, which can clearly restore every law enforcement detail. In terms of recording, it uses high-sensitivity microphones and supports digital noise reduction processing, which can filter environmental noise, highlight the human voice in the law enforcement process, and allow law enforcement to clearly restore the truth of the scene.

Jimi IoT B8H body-worn camera can not only be used independently in scenarios where there is no network, but it can also support the general frequency band of public and private networks, and transmit various information to the epidemic prevention and control scheduling platform in real time.The command center personnel can rely on on-site HD video and GIS positioning information, understand the situation on the spot in time, conduct visual command and dispatch, control and solve problems in time when a conflict occurs.

During the law enforcement process, the B8H security body camera is integrated with the command and dispatch platform. On the same interface, you can view the video of the law enforcement recorder, the command and dispatch of law enforcement personnel, and the geographic coordination of police resources. The content of nearby cameras can also be distributed to the on-site personnel. Vehicles and personnel can be screened and communicated in time, and relevant supervision videos can be saved, realizing integrating the information of various systems truly.

In the law enforcement process, there will be a variety of emergencies, so security body camera also have stricter requirements on data security. Jimi IoT B8H law enforcement recorder has outstanding design and manufacturing technology, with highlights such as waterproof, drop-proof, and data loss prevention, which can fully guarantee data collection in the process of law enforcement evidence. In addition, Jimi IoT B8H law enforcement recorder has an ultra long battery life of 10 hours and can be used with an external charger.

Jimi IoT B8H security body camera helps civilized law enforcement, making security work and law enforcement evidence more transparent and restoring every truth! In the huge security blue ocean market, Jimi IoT B8H law enforcement recorder will become an important helper and new choice for modern city management with its comprehensive enhanced functionality and will continue to expand the market. At the same time, Jimi IoT is constantly developing new products, striving to bring users better, broader, and more innovative products and solutions, and effectively solve the in-depth needs of users, and drive intelligent changes with innovation! Welcome to contact us if you want to learn more.