Security Body Camera: Security Industry

As far as the security agencies are concerned, the use of body-worn cameras has been a revolutionary development for the security industry and has been increasing rapidly all over the globe. This is one of the many reasons why the policymakers, as well as the national leaders, put a specific emphasis on the body-worn camera programs and the investments these programs get. Although the adoption of body-worn cameras has only been recent, the outcome that it has shown so far is exceptional. With the utilization of body-worn cameras, law enforcement agencies throughout different states have been reporting a significant decline in the number of complaints against officers. Perhaps the most important single piece of data was that more than 85% of respondents believe that security body camera reduces false claims of misconduct, and reduce the likelihood of litigation against the agencies.

Many private hospitals, educational institutions, and law enforcement agencies are implementing body-worn cameras nowadays. But not all new technology is going to be useful for law enforcement, so agencies must do plenty of research on efficient guidelines and use prior to implementing new equipment and or computer software. But it is obvious that body-worn technology intended for public security to help law enforcement agencies react quicker to emergencies, capture criminals quicker, and make their own records structured and protected.

The following statistics regarding the response of citizens about the utilisation of body-worn cameras should give you an idea about their effectiveness:

· At least 97% of the citizens support the use of the body-worn cameras

· 86% of the citizens hold an opinion that security service can be improved significantly with the utilisation of the body-worn cameras

· 75% of the citizens would prefer that they are being informed before the recording starts

· 72% of the citizens think that sensitive investigations should make use of the body-worn cameras in order to gather evidence and recordkeeping

It is clear that body-worn camera technology will be a vital part of the equipment for security personnel and it will be used to improve their services.

JIMI B8H Body-Worn Camera.The B8H 4g body worn camera is designed to capture, store, and share video, audio, and image evidence in the field. More importantly, it has the ability to send one-site live video back to the command & dispatching center via 4G/WIFI, to let the dispatcher know what’s happening and act with certainty.

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