Preventing Face-to-face confrontations: 4G Body Camera

Every day, innovations emerge to help people with their day-to-day struggles. Body-worn cameras are one of the new trends in the law enforcement and security community. Wearable body cams have been gaining popularity because several studies and high profile cases proved that they work very well in diffusing a dangerous altercation and gathering evidence. Entertainment establishments, hospitals, and law enforcement agencies experience problems with their customers and the community every day. Face to face confrontations is common between the police officers and security personnel. In such situations, it is hard to discern if the use of force was justified or not. That is why advanced recording devices like body-worn cameras are excellent to prevent further escalating the situation.

That is not all body-worn cameras have to offer though; from providing evidence for criminal cases to improving the safety of employees, these small yet effective devices help companies and police forces adopt the best technology in order to protect their workforce, security staff, and of course, the public.

From the perspective of the community, body-worn cameras increase the accountability and transparency of the police officers and security guards. Employee behavior and officer demeanor visibly improve with the simple addition of a body-worn camera to their equipment. The same goes for members of the community; the complaints and offensive behavior against police and security personnel reduce drastically in environments where a body is worn cam is present.

In 2015, a study led by the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Criminology showed that the use of body-worn cameras by police officers resulted in reducing the complaints against law enforcement by a shocking 93%. The experiment included 40 police stations including UK and US law enforcement agencies over a span of 12 months. After over 1.4m officer work hours that covered a population of 2 million citizens, the findings indicated that body-worn cameras modify human behavior and the sudden awareness when people realize that they are being recorded significantly improves both officer compliance and suspect behavior. Essentially, the digital camera encourages people to act more appropriately.

The security industry is not the only sector benefiting from the advantages of body-worn cameras. There are almost 8 million lone workers in the UK alone. Lone workers who perform maintenance and repairs in residential areas are more likely to be involved in incidents due to angry and unsatisfied customers. As many as 150 lone workers are assaulted verbally or physically on the job due to their line of work. One of the main reasons why employers integrate body cams into the daily attire of a lone worker is the increasing aggression and attacks against them. Body-worn video recorders are becoming an integral part of the lone worker industry across the globe with the purpose of protecting the security, and field employees. Lone workers don’t have the training and the equipment security personnel have, that is why every additional safety measure will help them perform their job better and increase productivity.

JIMI B8H body-worn camera use 4G or wifi internet, supports GPS tracking, built-in NFC, live streaming, push to talk. When it comes to video recording, one of the most important functions of a body camera, it is necessary for us to know more about the camera of a body cam, because to a great extent, it decides the quality of the recorded video.

The recording resolution is up to 1080 p. With 120 degrees wide-angle, the main camera is 4MP and the rear camera is 5MP when the working environment is somber, the IR CUT will help the device to capture the clear picture and video in 8 meters, laser pointers can help the user to locate the target. Compared with the other body cameras on the market, our B8H has a 3000mAh battery, which supports continuously recording for 8 hours.what’s more, the device can keep recording for 3minutes while battery replacement and our B8H is IP68 dust and waterproof and 2 meters drop resistance.

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