What You Want To Know About Police Body Cameras

Should police have body cameras?

Police body cameras are mainly used in the law enforcement process. It has multiple functions such as photography, high-definition pixels, infrared night vision, and long standby battery. It is also anti-drop and waterproof. Police body cameras help law enforcement officers in their daily work, recorded the process of supervision and law enforcement, which protects the people, ensures the justice and fairness of law enforcement, and also assists the work of the police, so that the police can keep evidence in law enforcement. Therefore, the police must wear law enforcement recorder when they are on duty.

Police body cameras with synchronous audio and video recording functions can collect and fix evidence in time, record the on-site handling of various incidents, realize fair law enforcement, protect the lawful rights and interests of the police and the parties concerned, ensure that the police perform their duties in accordance with the law, and promote the improvement of law enforcement. The supervision of law enforcement provides an important guarantee, and also brings new opportunities for the management of innovative teams. Public security traffic management departments at all levels have also issued regulations on the use and management of police body cameras, and have incorporated their use into the important content of promoting the standardization of law enforcement quality assessment. They are required to carry, use and manage them in accordance with the law enforcement equipment management regulations.

Practice has proved that promoting the use of police body cameras has played a positive role in enhancing the grassroots police departments’s awareness of law enforcement evidence, standardizing law enforcement and protecting the awareness of rights during law enforcement, improving the deterrence and credibility of grassroots police law enforcement, and promoting team building.

How do body cameras protect police officers?

For the public security organs’ on-site law enforcement video and audio recording work, the primary task is neither to persuade the public nor the police. Body cameras are just a tool. It can not only supervise and regulate the police law enforcement but also protect the police who strictly enforce the law from being misunderstood or even framed by the law enforcement objects and onlookers, thus effectively preventing the occurrence of police-civilian conflicts.

For law enforcement officials, the light-weight and portable 4G high-definition police body cameras not only replace the work of cameras and voice recorders, but it is also still a computer PC camera. Make good use of police body cameras is to protect your rights, provide video files in real time!

How is Jimi IoT police body cameras?

Jimi police body cameras adopt rugged shell design, fully consider the special needs of law enforcement, use high-quality cover, and pass strict waterproof and shockproof tests. It can be used in light to moderate rain and can withstand a 3m drop. The equipment will work normally after resetting and the shell will not be damaged. Even under special circumstances, if the cover is completely damaged, the memory chip can still be repaired to ensure data security. The audio recording function can be turned on without stopping the recording video, and the audio and video files are saved separately. Time can be calibrated via GPS and network. Automatically superimpose information in videos and photos, including body cameras number, time, date, alarm signal, latitude and longitude coordinates, etc. The product has encrypted background software for easy management. It can provide more convenient services to customers.

Jimi IoT has its own dedicated R&D and production team, with quality inspection reports from the quality inspection department. The police body cameras uses Ambarella chips, features with high quality, excellent price, perfect after-sales service, and a variety of qualifications. Jimi IoT would be your premiun choice to purchase police body cameras.

With the progress of law enforcement, the demand for intelligent police body cameras will continue to increase, and the development of diversified functions and technology integration will become a new trend. At present, there are still many fields in the bodyworn camera market to be developed. The market prospect is broad and will continue to show rapid growth in a relatively long period of time. Welcome to contact us if you want to learn more.