Outdoor Monitoring System

4G Outdoor Monitoring System

Wireless, solar-powered and cellular-based security monitoring solution fills a void in remote areas surveillance and becomes an ideal choice for you to solve the “difficult in power supply” and “hard for network access".

Solar-powered, Wire-free

Remotely secure and monitor your projects while greatly lowering deployment costs.


5W solar panel power supply

If you need to monitor remote farm, forest, and other remote areas without electricity, Jimi outdoor monitoring solution works with solar panel to provide non-stop power. And you don’t need to worry, those battery-powered cameras can perform perfectly even the weather keeps raining.

4G & WIFI network connection.

If you need surveillance at your ranch, but there is no Wi-Fi. No problem, the 4G wireless IP camera is the solution for you. It uses 4G LTE network to transmit live video streaming and instant alerts without ethernet cables, so it is a budget-friendly option for you as reducing costly installation and wiring cost.

JH016 4g camera

PIR sensor trigger video recording & alert

PIR motion pre-caution solves the problem of CCTV tracing after the event. Once thermal activity in the viewing area is detected, the security camera proactively starts recording and sends an alert to your cellphone. Even if you miss live view, the motion detection events can be stored locally for your later check.



Forest fire prevention


Unguard restricted area


Farms or ranch


Power grid





Success Case

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand is benefiting from security video monitoring on high voltage tower and has peace of mind knowing exactly that what’s happening without struggling for power supply and network access in remote areas.


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