new opportunity in the pacific region for our JIMI body camera

I am going to be talking about what is the new opportunity in pacific region for our JIMI body camera

Firstly, let’s have an understanding of the Asia Pacific region market.

The global market size of body camera keeps increasing from 2015-2025, It is predicted that the global body camera market will reach USD 2.7 billion by 2025, CAGR: 38%; The key markets in global including Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe, especially the Asia Pacific region, it accounts for 37% market share; Though The simplicity, practicality, cost performance, and stability of the stand-alone body cameras are the most basic needs of the law enforcement industry, and the market share will remain at around 40%; The saleroom of 4G body camera will surpass the stand-alone body camera in 2020, 4G body cam is becoming the trend of development.

The countries in Asia Pacific region including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Myanmar, mostly are developing countries, and the Military and police information construction is relatively backward. In 2019, the population grows up to 600 million, GDP growth rate is 5%. So we can realize there is a huge potential market in the pacific region for body camera;

Our target clients are Police & Commercial User (Security, Community, Construction Site, Logistics, Supermarket), and so on.

NFC-induction area, contact with the attendance machine, it will read the recorded information in the camera such as IMEI number, the name of the user , the working time and off work time and so on

When we come to the most important function-live video streaming, it is essential for us to know more about the property of the camera because to a great extent, it decides the quality of the video and photo. We all know that rugged and reliable hardware is very important critical for law enforcement officers when they are on duty, some time will be rainy and sometimes meets with violence. Video pre-recording functions, when you are in the preview interface, and then the car crash happens, you press the recording button immediately, the camera starts recording, actually, you will get a longer video which you can see the image before car crash and while car crash happens.

So what is the market development trend and how we can do to match the market demand? JIMI’s new B8H body-worn camera can help you solve some problems.

The main functions and features of B8H body-worn camera
Use 4G or wifi internet, supports GPS tracking, built-in NFC, live streaming, push to talk. When it comes to video recording, one of the most important functions of a body camera, it is necessary for us to know more about the camera of a body cam, because to a great extent, it decides the quality of the recorded video.

The recording resolution is up to 1080 p. With 120 degrees wide-angle, the main camera is 4MP and the rear camera is 5MP when the working environment is somber, the IR CUT will help the device to capture the clear picture and video in 8 meters, laser pointers can help the user to locate the target. Compared with the other body cameras on the market, our B8H has a 3000mAh battery, which supports continuously recording for 8 hours.what’s more, the device can keep recording for 3minutes while battery replacement

Someone may be asking how about the waterproof and drop resistance? I can tell you that our B8H is IP68 dust and waterproof and 2 meters drop resistance.

Before we start to talk about our solution, it is essential to understand the main pain point of the market

As we all know the traditional body cam is without 4G internet or with a simple function, it means that the person needs to wear not only one device with them in order to achieve more functions, it is inconvenient and looks ponderous. Secondary it is hard for the users to upload the position to the administrator when an accident happens. Thirdly, the files and data can be sent to management in time.

Our solution solved these problems. Our integrated dispatch monitoring system syncretic the GPS tracking, push to talk, live video streaming, geofence, so call, attainment management, playback history, and so on functions. It greatly enhances the working efficiency of law enforcement.

Besides the dispatching system, we also provide the digital evidence management system to our client. The working logic is, firstly the 4G body camera need to upload the data to the docking station, which is installed the evidence management software, then the docking station transport the data to the server, at the end of the routine, the third-party business platform and video/audio platform will get the data inquiry from server

The body cam dispatching solution is widely used in law enforcement, traffic duty, security services, campus security, logistic management and so on

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