Jimi IoT security body camera is widely used in the property management industry

Times have changed, and the development of the Internet has driven not only changes in people’s needs, but also changes in the form of work in all walks of life. In the property management industry, the traditional “work mode” is no longer effective in enhancing the needs of owners. This traditional model simply helps owners deal with the problems at hand, without forming a set of business management model, and is considered”unprofessional”, “untimely”, “inefficient “. Therefore, the introduction of the security body camera has solved the urgent needs of property management enterprises, so that enterprises enter the information service management mode, which not only improves the efficiency of property service personnel, but also enhances the service experience of owners.

Nowadays, security body camera are becoming more and more popular in the property management industry, with workflow applications such as duty, property management, industrial park safety and fire fighting. The industrial park has developed a management mechanism of “unified management and unified numbering” for the use of law enforcement instruments, which regulates the background data management, audio and video data classification, preservation, and access; therefore, it is required that the duty personnel should wear security body camera for the whole process of audio and video recording, so as to objectively and truly record the duty work situation and related data. The application field of security body camera has long been extended from the professional field to the civilian field. As we all know, the main function of law enforcement recorder is video recording and audio recording. In these two aspects, Jimi IoT security body cameras shows high-end quality. The law enforment unit is equipped with high-definition lens components and capable of 1080P to 1440P high-definition dynamic recording. At the same time, it has high-brightness LED lights and infrared lights, so that video forensics can be completed under low-light conditions. In terms of recording effects, the Jimi IoT law enforcement recorder is equipped with three-dimensional prominent dual microphones. The sound quality is comparable to a professional recording device. It has a keen insight into the surrounding sound sources and intelligent noise reduction, so that every truth can be recorded. In the property management application, the duty data can be collected and fixed at the first time to avoid unnecessary disputes.

In addition, both in the selection of internal materials and external design, Jimi IoT has introduced its professional security body camera R & D concept to the civilian law enforcement recorder market. Jimi IoT bodyworn camera internal circuit board capacitors are selected from international standards. Because of the use of these high-standard capacitors and internal fixed structures, the safety of the circuit board is also greatly improved.

From professional to civilian, Jimi IoT security body camera enjoy great popularity since it entered the professional application market. In addition, it adopt high standards and refined materials, allowing consumers to enjoy a higher level of quality than other law enforcement products from the moment they open the box. Professional, rigorous are the brand concept that Jimi IoT security body camera has always adhered to.

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