Is it necessary to buy a wire-free outdoor security camera system?

If you need to install monitoring and there are a network and electricity, you don’t have to install a solar camera. If you install the location without the Internet or the electricity and you want to install the camera for remote monitoring, there is no doubt that a solar camera will be your first choice.

Advantages of solar cameras:

Advantage 1: It is not restricted by location

The solar camera can be installed in any place with a cellular network signal and sunlight.

Advantage 2: High privacy security

Compared with traditional cameras transmitted over the Internet, signal transmission over mobile networks is more secure, making it more difficult for hackers to invade the camera system.

Advantage 3: Simple installation

No need to slot the cable wiring, install the solar system, insert the mobile phone flow card, turn on the power, install the client, add remote cameras to achieve remote monitoring.

Advantage 4: Remote viewing anytime anywhere

Traditional cameras can’t be remotely monitored in areas without the Internet. Solar cameras can be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world on your phone.

How to choose a wire-free outdoor security camera system?

You must choose products that are of reliable quality and do not choose inferior products for cheap. Make detailed communication with the sales staff before purchasing to confirm whether the installation site covers the 4G network and which operator’s signal is better in those areas. Secondly, consider whether the solar system can provide a stable voltage and current to the camera. Once again, by comprehensively evaluating which manufacturer’s solar monitoring system can work stably for a long time, you can determine which supplier to purchase from.

For example, a few meters of JH016 Solar Powered Outdoor Security Camera. Exactly designed to meet the security needs in the remote off-grid places without Internet/WiFi and power, JH016 is able to use the 4G LTE network to deliver live viewing and send instant alerts, making monitoring the areas limited by the scarcity of Internet infrastructure possible. Up to 30-days cloud storage is available. You can view, playback, delete and download the recordings from the cloud IP camera cloud as long as there is a network.

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