Integrated Dispatch Monitoring Platform

Integrated Dispatch Monitoring Platform

Jimi Integrated Dispatch Monitoring Platform can integrate key information sources from various connected systems - PoC System, Video Streaming System, and Early Alarm System - into a unified platform.

It serves as powerful tool to transform how you view and manage information, and to prevent, detect and respond to potential threats more efficiently.

What you can do with Dispatch Platform?

Both individual and group call services can be established instantly without geographic restriction.

Live video function allows you to perform video dispatch and command over 4G.

The dispatcher can remotely turn on the microphone and camera of devices and see and hear what's happening.

Manage users in the selected group, and collaborate or deliver messages to multiple people simultaneously.

Image, video, location and text messages can transmit between individual users or groups.

Show the GPS position and the history trip on the map.

Notifications will be triggered when someone enters or leaves the predetermined area.

What makes Dispatch Platform different?

Unified PoC System, Video Streaming System and Early Alarm System. Manage complex information through a unified platform that intuitively rendered to simplify workflows.

All incoming / outgoing calls can be recorded and stored on the dispatch system server.

All available resources can be displayed on a map or multiple visual screens and deployed with one-click.

Have open capability for third-party to meet your various customized needs.


Improve Response Time

Security force real-time monitoring and dispatch and comprehensive field situation display empower your team to make accurate decision and emergency response.

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Smarter Workflows

Simplified interaction and unique user experience to accelerate workflows, thus saving time and cost.

Seamlessly Share & Collaborate

The comprehensive incident records can be easily, digitally shared, improving collaboration with agency partners.

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