How to Prevent Video Doorbell Theft

Nowadays, video doorbells became more and more popular all over the world, because they offer a great solution for home security. Video doorbells have reduced the crime rate in the communities where homeowners use them. When someone wants to steal a package from the door or entry into a building illegally, knowing that there is a camera in front of the door, which may motivate them to quit.

However, putting expensive dollars on your front door is risky. When someone sees your valuable smart doorbell on the front door, it is easy to be tempted, and even if they know that they are taking pictures when doing so, they don’t seem to care about it and will still steal your doorbell. The doorbell is designed to prevent theft, but it does not prevent itself from being stolen! Unfortunately, there has been an increase in the theft of video doorbells. It not only brings you inconvenience but also exposes you to more dangers.

There are two main reasons why a thief steals your video doorbell. Firstly, it is done to make money because the doorbell is not cheap. Some of them can cost more than $200 and use some fairly high-quality cameras. Secondly, they want to get rid of the evidence eagerly while trying to break in, but, it will never work as the video footage is not stored inside the doorbell.

Generally, video doorbells are mounted with just two screws at the top and bottom, with the right tool, it can be removed in less than 30 seconds. On the other hand, You could also mount the doorbell on a metal frame, but the thief will just pry it off the mount, which can take no more than a few seconds. In the majority of the cases, the video doorbell should capture video as it is being stolen. However, things can get tricky if the thief uses a Wi-Fi jammer. And as of now, None of the video doorbells have anti-jamming detection.

There are 3 tips for you to prevent your video doorbell from getting stolen.

Tip #1 Use an anti-theft cover

You can install a grid box or a lockable cage, however, you have to make sure the camera’s view is left unobstructed and Your visitors can still press the button.

Tip #2 Have an Extra Camera

Installing security cameras in hard-to-reach places is quite crucial, it will be a very difficult and time-consuming task to deal with two cameras, which is something thieves prefer to avoid.

Tip #3 Display a conspicuous Sign

Place a conspicuous sign to let thieves know that the area is under surveillance. By displaying signs with warning messages to let people know that they are being monitored, crime rates can be reduced. Sometimes, the simplest solution may be the best solution.

In the end, I always recommend Embedded video doorbell for the best reliability. Because you will never worry about it will be stolen unless the thief takes away your whole door. What’s more, it is power by Ethernet and has a stabler WiFi network by connects to the indoor WiFi.

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