How JIMI Intelligent Security Solution Improves Police Efficiency

Let’s look at this history map:
Start from 1999, Mobile phone, desktop phone, GSM module supply for other companies as well. these are very basic wireless communication devices. Until 2007 we developed the world’s first GPS tracker with built-in antennas, yes we are the world’s first manufacturer launched GPS in this small size and cost affordable by the general public.

On our way of growing, have our own web platform, cloud server, start from 2015 we expended our production from GPS tracker to video telematics DVR, Our IoT hardware grow from 1 million in 2012 to 20 million in 2017. and we expended our business our to Public security in 2018, one of the growing industry which is going to be the main topic today.

From here you might see in the first 10 years of our history, we are in the basic wireless communication industry, which gives us a very good foundation to achieve what we have later, in the second 10 years, we throw ourselves in fleet management, video telematics, etc, now we call it IOT (make everything connected), yes this is where we are right now, IoT, the new fashion word to say.

We are keep growing with the development of 4G even 5G devices, expand our cloud server to be more powerful with more possible assessment, in the year 2020 we already have more than 7 models of 4G devices which we believe America, Mexico, and other related markets going to scream for it.

Now let’s start with the latest Public security devices:
Body-worn cameras, we join into developing this área around 2 years ago, while we find it’s an increasing market of law enforcement agencies are adopting, represent one new form of technology that is significantly affecting the field of policing. Law enforcement agencies are using body-worn cameras in various ways: to improve evidence collection, to strengthen officer performance and accountability, to enhance agency transparency, to document encounters between police and the public, and to investigate and resolve complaints and officer-involved incidents, we are now on the way to offer you solution for this increasing market.

I want to share with you some market data:
In this Body Worm camera market, From 2019 to 2025, the Compound Annual Growth Rate 38%, with 2742 million US Dollars. North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe are the regions with the largest usage of this solution, which we all know these areas with the more advanced technology and security control systems. As we can see in this picture, LATAM, Africa going to be the most potential markets to develop with, in these areas due to its high demand for security issues, its time to apply this kind of visible security solution to improve the public police efficiency.

Before we get into this Body-worn cameras market, the traditional way of law enforcement agencies are using very simple solutions such walkie talkie, PPT devices, but with that kind of basic products, we are facing a lot of challenges as well, such as:
Real-time management, communication distance limitation, hard to know the location where we are reporting problems and emergency situations, but with the new solution of Body-worn cameras, for example, B8H Body-Worn Camera we will able to track and monitor our staff from a dispatcher platform, with the 4G network you never lost communication, regarding location issues, and you know, we JIMI are the ones who professionally in positioning terminals, you may know the very accurate location where exactly the cases have been reported, and also you can see real-time videos from web platform or mobile phone.

B8H Body-Worn Camera function points :

After the press, SOS button-dispatcher will receive live video, and GPS location immediately, you’ll know what happens clearly. Long press SOS will update video to the cloud.

Critical Event Tag-Usually, the body-worn camera video is saved in segments, and the segment time can be set. When pressed the button, the key video will be marked for the video file name.

Charging contact will connect to the docking station. Name Tag helps you know whose body camera is.PTT button-After press the button, talking by 4G or wifi, without distance/frequency/channel limit, it means the device not only a body camera but also a PoC radio.

4MP Main Camera, 120° wide-angle; support 1080P video. Two IR Lights support IR-CUT for 8 meters. Light sensor-support night vision function, clear video, and pictures even in somewhere dark.

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