Everything You Want to Know about GPS Monitoring Ankle Bracelet

What is a GPS ankle bracelet?
GPS monitoring ankle bracelet, also known as “GPS electronic monitoring ankle bracelet”, is the device handcuffed to the feet of criminals or parole offenders. It is made of waterproof and anti-strike materials. GPS monitoring ankle bracelet support automatically transmitting information at regular intervals.

Do ankle monitors have GPS?
There is a GPS system on the ankle bracelet, which allows the police to monitor the activities of the criminal at any time and ensure the suspect does not escape.
If a prisoner wearing electronic bracelets goes beyond the pre-defined area, an alert will be triggered to ensure that he is still within a monitorable distance.

How are ankle bracelets monitored?
“GPS monitoring ankle bracelet” contains a GPS chip and SIM card, which will form a closed circuit when worn at the ankle, and can track the wearer in real-time, removing it without permission will trigger a remote monitoring alarm.

The AM01 lite GPS monitoring ankle bracelet provided by Jimi IoT functions with powerful monitoring features.
1. It supports GPS, Wi-Fi, LBS, and Bluetooth positioning, so real-time tracking can be achieved no matter indoors or outdoors.
2. The GPS electronic monitoring ankle bracelet is also equipped with an alarm. If a prison escapes, the ankle bracelet will emit siren sounds, LED lights and vibrations.
3. This kind of electronic shackles can set the range of motion. Once the suspect gets out of the geofence, the monitor would be notified immediately.

What does it mean when your GPS ankle monitor vibrates?
1. It refers to the unauthorized behaviors are detected, such as belt on/off, out of geofence.
2. There is some wrong with the bracelets, such as offline, low battery alert.
3. To do some help in the fight against COVID-19, our bracelets can send out abnormal temperature alert designed for quarantined offenders.

How long does a GPS ankle bracelet battery last?
Jimi’s ankle bracelet AM01 lite has 3500mAh ultra-large battery insides. The working time is over 70 hours if set 1 positioning per 10s.

How far can you go with an ankle bracelet?
The ankle monitor range is based on your setting. You can set a geofence for the suspect. If he leaves the restricted activity area, then alerts would be triggered.

Do ankle monitors record conversations?
AM01 lite doesn’t have built-in microphones and speakers yet,but if you have requirements in terms of audio, please talk with us.

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