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Body Worn Camera FAQ

Device-related Actions

How to enable the flashlight?

Long press the photo button.

How to enable live streaming?

Long press the video button for 3s. If you wish to save the video, you need to manually download it on your computer.

Can I install other apps on my body-worn camera?

The version is locked by default, so other apps can't be installed. If you wish to install other apps, you can upgrade the firmware to engineer version.
Note: For the engineer version, instability of features may arise, such as key-value mismatch and green screen during video or image capturing.


If the maps on the platform are unavailable and I have already applied for a Google key. How do I replace it?

In this case, you can send the Google key to us so we can provide you with the latest software.

Can I bind my device to a third-party platform?

Yes. We will provide you with the engineer version of the Android system firmware and the key values. You need to install the .apk to commission the device. After the commissioning and check is complete, send the .apk to us and we will assist you with the firmware update.

What is the reference configuration for an integrated server?

A. System: CentOS 7.6 64-bit
B. Server: Virtual machines (like VMware) are not supported. Dell servers are not recommended.
C. Please use a fixed IP address for the server.
D. Please pay attention to the specifications. We use the cloud server, which is recommended to accommodate 200 computers at most.
E. Device: instance type: 4 vCPU 8 GiB (compute type: c5, ecs.c5.xlarge)
F. Public bandwidth: Pay by traffic
G. Current bandwidth peak: 20Mbps
H. System disk: 70GB ultra cloud disk
I. Operating system: CentOS 7.6 64-bit
J. Data disk: 250GB ultra cloud disk
K. Please open the Port Mapping of the server router:
L. TCP 6050, 6080, 7443, 8443, 22, 2022, 80, 8088, 7080 UDP 16000 to 30000, 6050, 6080L. M. Please provide the SSH of your server to us, so we can install the server software remotely.
Please buy the license, so we can upload the license and create accounts after the installation is complete.

Device Performance

What is the difference between the engineer version and the user version?

1. The engineer version is typically used for development and debugging. By default, the system log print feature is enabled and ROOT permissions are granted.
2. The user version is released to end users. The system log print feature is disabled by default.
Note: The enablement of system log print feature will affect the system performance. The log information is more comprehensive in engineer version than in user version, facilitating developers to locate problems.

What do dual-recording and dual-bitstream refer to?

1. Dual-recording means the primary camera and the external USB camera can record simultaneously. Currently, the resolution of the primary camera is up to 1080P@30FPS; while that of the USB camera, 720P@25FPS. If the resolution of the USB camera is lower than 720P@25FPS during recording, please check whether its output frame rate reaches 25FPS.
2. Dual-bitstream means the device can record locally and stream live remotely at the same time during a video call. However, due to the limited bandwidth, when these two actions are performed simultaneously, the resolution and frame rate of the streaming video is lower than these of the local video, for example, 720P@15FPS for streaming videos and 1080P@30FPS for local videos.

The figure shows the sizes of local video files and the durations of local videos saved in different-sized SD cards.



How to reset outdoor cameras (JH016/JH012)?

1. Create a .txt file in the root directory of the SD card, and name the file as "reset";
2. Insert the SD card into JH016/JH012, then the red LED will be solid on (instead of flashing), which means the reset is complete. Or you can check whether the reset is successful by removing the SD card and inserting it to your computer to see if the .txt file disappears; if yes, then the reset is successful.

How to reset outdoor cameras (JH09/JH007)?

Power the camera on, press the power button 10 times in a row. If the purple LED is solid on, the reset is complete.


Where can I download the PC software?

Please download it from:

Can I change the voice prompt language to another language except English and Chinese?

Sure. Please contact us and provide the voice prompt package in mp3 format.

How much data traffic will be consumed to upload event videos in different resolutions to the cloud?

The resolutions of event videos include: 720P, 1080P, and SD (854x480).
1. For local 720P videos, the data traffic consumed is about: 1.5MB for a 15s-long alert file, 1.2MB for a 10s-long alert file, and 0.6MB for a 5s-long alert file;
2. For local 1080P videos, the data traffic consumed is about: 2MB for a 15s-long alert file, 1.5MB for a 10s-long alert file, and 0.8MB for a 5s-long alert file;
3. For local SD (854x480) videos, the data traffic consumed is about: 1.3MB for a 15s-long alert file, 1MB for a 10s-long alert file, and 0.5MB for a 5s-long alert file.
Note: The actual upload rate is subject to the actual network quality.

I want to integrate my own cloud storage, what requirements should my server meet?

The server should meet the following requirements:
1. Memory: 8GB RAM
2. CPU: Quad-core
3. Hard disk: 200G HDD+SSM2M Directional
4. Traffic system version: Linux CentOS7 7.2

JH016 Solar Camera

How to reset the camera or restore the camera to factory settings via the SMS command?

1. If the firmware version is older than V24, you can reset your camera by creating a reset.txt file in the SD card;
2. If the firmware version is V24 or later, you can reset your camera by delivering the command "FORMATTING" via SMS to the device and the reset is complete if the device returns "FORMATTIONG-OK".

How long does it take to fully charge the solar battery? (via solar energy)

It will take about 20 hours if the battery strength is lower than 5% and there is abundant sunshine during the daytime.

How long does it take to fully charge the solar battery? (via a 19V charger)

About 5 hours.

Can the 19V charger be used as an adapter to directly power JH016?

No. The 19V charger can only charge and power the storage battery. To power JH016, please use a 12V adapter.

How long can a full battery be used for?

For a full solar storage battery, the standby duration is 15 days and the operating duration is 2–3 days; for a full 450mAh battery (power adapter version), the standby duration is 4 hours and the operating duration is 1 hour.

How many versions does JH016 have?

Four, specifically: power adapter version (ID: 163), power adapter version+PTZ (ID: 165), solar version (ID: 164), and solar version+PTZ (ID: 166).

Which firmware version of JH016 supports PTZ?


Which version of Jimi IoT Cam supports PTZ?

Android V4.0.7/iOS V4.0.5 or above.

What size memory card does JH016 accept?

The max. SD card supported is 128GB, which should be formatted to FAT32 to be usable.

Does JH016 solar support 24 hours of continuous recording?

Yes. This can be set manually on the mobile app.

What types of detections does JH016 support?

PIR motion detection and algorithm-based humanoid detection.

Does JH016 support two-way communication?

No, as JH016 has no built-in or external audio interface.

What are the three antennas of JH016?

Two are LTE antennas and the other one is a WiFi antenna.

What is the switch on the solar storage battery used for?

It is used for controlling output. You are advised to switch the battery off during charging to protect the battery from being exhausted by the camera.

Why I can't control the installed PTZ via the app?

There are two possible causes:
1. The app version is too old, where no PTZ control button is on the operation interface. In this case, please update your app to the latest version.
2. The firmware version is too old. In this case, please update your firmware to V25 or later.

Why does JH016 fail to be bound by scanning the QR code over WiFi?

JH016 is an outdoor camera, which means the focal length is large. The favorable distance between JH016 and your mobile is between 17cm and 20cm while scanning the mobile QR code.

Why is JH016 not responsive after I fit in a 4G card?

Generally, the red LED on JH016 flashes slowly after you fit in the 4G card. If the red LED is solid on, then the device fails to identify the card or the APN of the card hasn't written in the firmware. In this case, please check and reattach the card or manually set the APN on your mobile app.

JH016 flashes red slowly for a long time. But still, why does it fail to be bound on the app?

The possible cause is that it has been and is still bound to another mobile. If you want to bind it to a new network, reset it first and re-add it after the red LED turns to solid on.

Why I hear no alert sound when adding JH016?

JH016 offers no alert sound. All statuses are manifested via LEDs.

Why the version doesn't change when JH016 receives an OTA notification?

This is generally due to the network issue. If you are using a WiFi network, you can try to bind the device via the 4G network and retry the OTA upgrade.

Walkie Talkie FAQ


How to capture system logs from MTK/Spreadtrum chip?

The system log capture feature is enabled for the engineer version.
1. For the user version that uses MTK chip, input "*#*#3646633#*#*" via the dial to enter the engineer mode. Go to Log and Debugging page and tap MTKLogger. Then tap the play button on the pop-up to capture logs.
2. For the user version that uses Spreadtrum chip, input "*#*#83781#*#*" via the dial to access DEGUG&LOG page. Go to Log Settings > SlogUI and tap Start to capture logs or Stop to end the capture.
3. If there is no dial on your device, please contact us for technical assistance.

My device fails to access the network, how can I resolve this issue?

1. Check whether the SIM card is attached securely and correctly;
2. Contact your operator and check if the tariff package is normal. If you are using the SIM card outside the home country, check if the international roaming service is activated.
3. Check whether the APN is set correctly;
4. This issue may arise if you are using the device in a dead zone or in a place where the network signal is weak, please re-try it in a service area or in a place where the network signal is strong.

What tools do I need to download the firmware for manual update?

You will need: a download tool, a driver for the tool, the firmware upgrade package, and the upgrade operation guide.

When I upgraded my device via OTA, the upgrade failed and my device crashed.

Remove the battery and attach it again to reset the hardware. In this way, the device will turn on normally and the system version falls back to the old one.

T20 3G PTT Phone

How to set the APN?

Connect T20 to your computer using Vysor, Total Control, or another screen mirroring tool. Go to Settings > More-network Setting to set the APN.

Does T20 support NFC?


How to create a group?

Log in to the Dispatch Platform to create a group. T20 will automatically join the group after accessing the network; if not, please restart it.

Why my T20 can't initiate or answer calls after a SIM card is attached?

1. Check whether the device has created a group on the Dispatch Platform;
2. If the group has been created, then do as follows to troubleshoot the issue:
a. Download Vysor and open it on your computer;
b. After the device is powered on for 10s, connect it via a USB cable to your computer. Click Connect on Vysor to mirror your device;
c. Check the network status. If the device still can't talk after accessing the network, please try the WiFi;
d. Upgrade Jimi Talk and the device firmware to the latest versions (JIMI TALK will update automatically after the device accesses the network; while the update of the firmware requires a flash tool);
e. If the issue still persists, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How can I upgrade Jimi Talk when OTA upgrade is not supported?

1. Drag and drop the .apk file to a folder on T20 after it is connected to your computer;
2. Connect Vysor;
3. Open File Manager;
4. Double-click the .apk file to launch installation.