Embedded video doorbell for the traditional door industry

The smart home industry has been developed for many years and can be divided into the after-installation market and the front-installation market. As a member of the smart home, smart doorbells(wireless) are well received by the after-installation market. At the same time, Jimi launched the front-mounted smart doorbell DC09(wired) to help traditional doors to be intelligent.

Through the use of embedded video doorbells and smart door locks, the traditional door can provide users with more intelligent security services and greatly enhance their competitiveness. 

According to feedback from some users who purchased the hot-selling wireless doorbell, the standby time of the device is seriously inconsistent with the product description, and using non-rechargeable batteries is not environmentally friendly; there is no way to continuously record and monitor in real-time, the connection will still be dropped some time.

The network signal of the front-mounted integrated video doorbell is more stable than the wireless doorbell, and the battery life is worry-free. What’s more, it’s anti-tamper, no need to worry about the doorbell being taken away or destroyed. Video shooting will be triggered by motion detection, sound detection, and PIR detection. When the visitor presses the doorbell, the indoor bell can be triggered and synchronized to the mobile phone APP of the resident. The resident can know the situation outside the home through the mobile phone.

Door manufacturers can also provide personalized customized solutions according to the needs of users.

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