Challenges, Solutions in Body-Worn Cameras for Law Enforcement

For several years now, body-worn police cameras have dominated discussions about digital evidence. Those in favor believe these cameras provide solid visual confirmation of criminal activity while protecting officers against false claims from defendants, and vice versa. Naysayers argue that body cameras lead to “nitpicking” of an extremely difficult and dangerous job. Adoption has been staggered and often tied to new regulations, but it is growing.

Law enforcement is a challenge by its very nature. The work, often dangerous and unpredictable, demands constant physical and mental acuity. In theory, the innate occupational hazards would be offset by optimal operating conditions, but that’s not always the case.

One example occurred in May, when a Texas woman accused a state trooper of sexual assault during a traffic stop. The allegations were promptly and conclusively refuted after review of video footage gathered from the officer’s body-worn camera revealed no wrong-doing on the trooper’s part, according to CNN. It’s difficult to ascertain whether the false claims would have been dismissed as quickly, if at all, had the incident not been captured on camera. Even with a dismissal, a lack of hard video evidence would have cast a haze of doubt over the incident, further exacerbating the issue of mistrust and lack of transparency.

Body-worn cameras can also be used for evidence gathering. Officers can provide video documentation of a crime as it occurs, and record interviews with witnesses for future reference. With the assistance of video analytics, the extraction of relevant information (such as a license plate number) and the redaction of spectators’ faces can be automated for efficiency.

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