15 things to consider before buying body worn cameras

Body-worn cameras are mainly divided into police and civilian use. Police bodyworn camera is generally applicable to law enforcement agencies, such as traffic police or urban management personnel, while the civil bodyworn camera has a wider range of applications, such as transportation, security, electricity, taxation, medical and other fields.

In recent years, the market demand for body cameras is increasing, and it is showing a steady upward trend. Various law enforcement equipment manufacturers and bodycam are on the market. It is inevitable that there will be inferior products. Therefore, it is not an easy task to buy high-quality and suitable products in such a larger market.

Facing the wide variety of law enforcement recorders on the market, how should we choose and what should we pay attention to? Today, let’s share some important things to consider when purchasing a bodyworn camera.

1. Chip

The chip configuration is the key point that affects the later use of the device. A good chip can make the body-worn equipment run more smoothly, and the probability of jamming is lower. It can not only fully guarantee the working status and efficiency, but also can greatly reduce the equipment maintenance costs and expenses at a later stage.

2. Compression format standard

A good compression format standard not only means that it occupies a smaller storage capacity, but also put a lower speed requirement for the memory card, less prone to frame loss, and better compatibility.

3. Battery capacity and charging time

If the battery capacity is small, it not only needs frequent charging, but also can seriously shorten the lifecycle of the device.

4. Picture quality

The shooting quality is crucial. High pixels can shoot clearer images. A high-definition body video camera can better record the law enforcement process, reduce disputes, making law enforcement more civilized and smart.

5.Loop recording

The bodyworn camera will generate useless recorded content. To find the key segments, you need to highlight them for easy viewing and prevent accidental deletion. Loop recording is to avoid insufficient memory for long-term shooting, especially in applications such as construction, maintenance, and security. Shooting cannot be stopped, and it can only be looped.

6. Night vision

Infrared light is necessary, then the body camera will have night vision function, and the effect of daytime can be taken at night, which can enable the body-worn camera to have a clear picture in day and night.

7. Sound quality

In addition to shooting, the law enforcement device also has a recording function. The law enforcement recorder with good sound quality will not be affected by external noise, making sound recording clearer.

8. Waterproof resistant

The outdoor law enforcement officer will inevitably encounter rain conditions. At this time, the bodyworn camera must be waterproof, so that it will not delay the normal use of the law enforcement device under rain conditions. Therefore, the bodyworn camera must have IP protection, rugged waterproof design, ensuring law enforcement device is durable.

9.Anti-fall design

Industrial grade plastic and structural design, the body camera can withstand a free drop, and the body and data will not be damaged. The law enforcement recorder needs to be rugged enough to cope with the daily work.

10. Appearance structure

The surface of the selected law enforcement recorder should be smooth, the parts should be fastened without looseness, the control parts should be flexible and reliable, and the layout should be convenient and practical. The appearance of the body camera should be small, which is convenient for law enforcement personnel to carry around.

11.Expansion functions

The current application of law enforcement recorder also has functions such as interaction, online transmission, intercom, etc. Therefore, expansion functions should be considered when purchasing. The law enforcement device with full Netcom, real-time positioning, group intercom and other functions can make the task more efficient. Coupled with external cameras, earphones, microphones, dedicated chargers and other expansion equipment, forensics will be more comprehensive.

12. Electronic evidence docking station

Evidence collection materials are of large volume and complicated. How to collect and manage them in an orderly way should refer to the electronic evidence docking station supported by law enforcement instruments. When you purchase a body camera with a dedicated docking station, the functions such as automatic uploading and charging, automatic naming and assigning of folders, and direct connection without driver will make the user enjoy the convenience of intelligence.

13. Quality certificates

If you want to have good quality, long usage time and perfect after-sales service, you should pay attention to check the quality certificate of the body cam.

14. Manufacturer

Due to the variety of law enforcement recorders on the market, you may find it difficult to identify the professional manufacturer when buying. Only if the manufacturer is formal, you can choose the product you want, feel satisfied, and enjoy quality after-sales service.

15. Application

In addition to the comprehensive consideration of equipment performance, it is more important to consider your own needs and choose equipment that can better meet the needs of your work environment.

When buying a body-worn camera, it is necessary to conduct a detailed understanding. You’d better compare it with multiple manufactures, comprehensively consider factors such as image quality, camera, performance, battery capacity, and quotation, and then combine with our actual needs and cost budget to make the purchase. However, the current bodyworn cameras have different models and features. If you want to be comprehensive, it will obviously waste too much time. Therefore, we will select the three most important factors for consideration: recording definition, anti-fall resistance and long standby time. The clear picture of shooting during law enforcement is very important for the later processing, so the recording pixel is a consideration that cannot be ignored. In addition, there are often conflicts or position shifts at the law enforcement scene, so equipment with better anti-fall performance is vital. The standby time is the basic requirements of outdoor law enforcement. When purchasing, we can choose from these three factors. Hope everyone can buy a more suitable and reliable body camera to improve the efficiency of law enforcement.

The above are the important points when buying body-worn cameras, I hope it is helpful to everyone. As a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales services in the law enforcement industry, Jimi IoT has many cooperations with well-known brands worldwide, and get well recognized and trusted. If you need to purchase bodyworn cameras or have further requirements, please contact us.