Body Worn Camera with GPS: a new upgrade to the traditional law enforcement system

In the previous process of actual investigation and evidence collection, the use of most body worn cameras only focused on investigation and evidence collection. Jimi IoT body worn camera pays more attention to law enforcement details during evidence collection, so that the phenomenon of obstructing law enforcement can be gradually reduced, but also play a supervisory role on law enforcement officers.

Jimi IoT body worn camera not only ensures the complete record of the law enforcement process, but also allows to command and dispatch accurately and quickly. It can also be clearly known each part of the law enforcement in the city management, and plays an important role in the informatization of the city management. Jimi IoT law enforcement recorder values law enforcement details. For example, it equipped with a built-in GPS module, which is used to record the location of law enforcement officers in real-time.

Jimi IoT GPS positioning command and dispatch solution is a new upgrade to the traditional system. By establishing a fast interactive feedback communication platform, real-time positioning monitoring of personnel, standardized operation, inspection dynamic query, it helps implement effective management. Not only improve the management of daily law enforcement efficiency, but also plays a key role in the timely communication of various information in response to emergencies and assists in making correct decisions.

Jimi IoT B8H body worn camera is with a built-in GPS positioning module. It can send the real-time location to the monitoring center through the mobile network, then the electronic map on the platform display the specific location of the device. Body worn camera with GPS makes it possible to check the arrival of all law enforcement officers in real-time and quickly deploy law enforcement officers around according to the enforcement environment.
Jimi IoT B8H body camera not only has built-in GPS, but also has the basic functions, including photo, voice recording, video recording, etc. In addition, it also adds volume adjustment, picture enlargement, HD SD, software upgrade, etc. At the same time, the built-in NFC chip can support ID card checking and other expansion functions, and can be widely used in various fields.

a. Positioning + playback: Detect the real-time position of the terminal, and the historical position of the terminal can be played back.
b. Voice calls and video calls: The dispatching station terminal initiates voice calls and video calls, and the platform can capture and record video calls, so as to effectively retain evidence on the law enforcement site in time. At the same time, the platform can distribute the video recording interface of terminal A to terminal B, realizing on-site intercommunication between multiple terminals.
c. Voice monitoring and video monitoring: The platform can directly monitor the terminal with voice/video.
d. Two-way information exchange: In addition to the platform sending video to the terminal, it can also send text/pictures/location information to the terminal or internal groups.

e. Start internal call: The platform initiates an internal call in the selected group, you can add or delete group members, or create a new group.
f. Report upload: Record the video on the terminal and send it to the dispatching station.
g. Electronic fence: The platform can create an electronic fence and select members to join, realizing the attendance and patrol management of law enforcement officers.

Jimi IoT adopts high-speed processor and embedded operating system, integrates GPS/Beidou, HD video, audio, WIFI wireless communication module, storage and alarm modules, realizes real-time video and audio information transmission, voice intercom and other functions. At the same time, it cooperates with the back-end complete monitoring and dispatching command platform system to realize remote dispatching command.

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