How to choose body worn camera?

Body worn camera, also known as “police body camera”, is an audio and video recording device that integrates video, photographing, and recording. It is divided into portable body-worn camera and handheld bodyworn cam. Also, it perfectly records the facts and restores the scene at that time. It is widely used for on-site law enforcement in public security, transportation, urban management, environmental protection, industry and commerce, corporate security, insurance and other scenarios. However, with the popularity of law enforcement body worn cameras and the market keeps growing, many companies often feel confused. How to choose body worn cameras? Which brand of law enforcement recorder is better? Which body worn camera manufacturer is reliable?

When choosing a body worn camera, you need more comparisons and more references to find the difference and pick the best and most suitable product. The major considerations include image quality, camera, performance, and cost-effectiveness. In addition, we should also consider the night vision effect, battery capacity, material and workmanship.
As a high-definition police law enforcement equipment, it must integrate a voice recorder and high-definition digital camera to help law enforcement officers in a timely and convenient record of the scene, provides effective evidence for the investigation and review of the case.

The performance and quality of body worn cameras must be designed to be strong and robust. It can withstand greater external impact and function with protection against falls and water resistance. The bodycam should equip with superb night vision and can work continuously for more than 8-10 hours. Of course, superior quality, affordable prices and reliable performance are important elements to consider.

Body worn camera is used to collect and record on-site situations, and the shooting quality should be satisfactory. The law enforcement environment is diverse, so the protection level of bodycam must be high enough to adapt to various harsh environments. In order to meet the needs of different units, body worn camera manufacturers will launch models with different advantages and characteristics. The basic features, such as anti-fall, waterproof performance and image quality, memory, etc are crucial factors to know when buying body worn cam. However, your needs and requirements for the product come first.

The choice of body worn camera mainly judges whether the manufacturer has a professional design and R&D team, what the production capacity is and whether there is a test report. In addition, after-sales service should be inspected, so that if there are technical problems or questions, a dedicated person can be responsible and solve them.

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