Body worn camera effectively assists health care facilities in the fight against COVID-19

COVID-19 is still hitting the world, we should pay more attention to the winter epidemic prevention and control. In order to further strengthen the management of private medical institutions and fully implement the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, health care facilities wore body worn cameras to record the entire process in the fight against the epidemic. In accordance with the principle of “unified command, local management and main responsibility”, health care facilities went deep into the private medical institutions to carry out on-site supervision and guidance.

The size of body-worn camera is as large as a mobile phone. It has the functions of taking photos, videos, calls, positioning and 4G real-time data transmission. The original audio and video data of the law enforcement recorder must be uploaded to the platform within one day. It cannot be copied to other computers with permission, effectively avoiding tampering, deletion, copying, dissemination and disclosure by law enforcement agencies. The officer in charge of the health care facilities says, “In the past, we only had paper records, which were not intuitive enough and could not accurately restore the scene. With the body camera, the entire law enforcement process can be recorded, and the law enforcement process can be traced back, which helps a lot.”

As an important device for recording the whole process of health supervision and law enforcement, the body worn camera has the functions of video recording, photographing, and audio recording. The body worn camera launched by Jimi IoT is equipped with functions such as GPS positioning and wireless connection, which can assist health care facilities to record law enforcement work, improve efficiency, and play an important role in COVID-19 epidemic prevention.

Jimi IoT body worn camera can be connected to data network, Wi-Fi, effectively connect the law enforcement scene with the command center closely through the Internet. It realizes real-time video intercom, faster send back, clearer images. Jimi IoT body worn camera adopts starlight sensitive chips that are clearer than traditional law enforcement recorders, realizing low-light imaging of law enforcement at night and bringing the law enforcement recorder into a new stage of high-definition. The long-distance real-time transmission function of the Jimi IoT body worn camera greatly improves the ability of law enforcement agencies to quickly respond to and control various emergencies and also improves the safety of the entire law enforcement process.

bodycam IPx6

By wearing body worn camera, health care facilities are able to conduct personnel checks and other tasks more quickly and efficiently. Even when it comes to epidemic prevention and control during the violation of personnel can also be recorded completely and keep the evidence. The officer of Health supervision says, “Body worn camera is now one of the necessary tools for daily health supervision work. The application of law enforcement recorder can effectively retain law enforcement evidence, strengthen law enforcement supervision, protect legitimate rights and interests, and improve the quality of law enforcement.”

Body worn camera plays an important role in the pre-screening and triage, personnel protection, disinfection and isolation, medical waste disposal, epidemic disposal and others. Focusing on the goal of “zero infection” prevention and control work, the body worn camera can assist health care facilities to find the problems in the work in a timely manner and effectively achieve strict prevention and control.

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