Body Worn Camera For Security Guards Make You Never Suffer From Dispute

For the community, shopping malls, office buildings, banks and other places, security guards are an indispensable group. They not only protect our property security, but also ensure our personal safety. But in the past two years, we often see the situation of security violence on social media. Although these events were finally confirmed as rumors, they undoubtedly caused great troubles to the security work.

In fact, the way to solve this problem is very simple. If you can record the whole process while on duty, then all the problems will be solved. When performing work, it is obviously inappropriate and inconvenient to use a mobile phone or camera to shoot. Therefore, many companies and properties choose to equip their security guards with a body worn camera to prevent security from having disputes during work.

In the industry, Jimi IoT’s reputation has always been quite good, this B8H body camera is also recognized by many people. The compact body does not bring burden and inconvenience to the duty process. With different models of shoulder clips, back clips or brackets, you can use them in different scenarios, which is very flexible.

In order to avoid information loss caused by pushing, jumping or other large movements during the use of the body camera, Jimi IoT uses an integrated injection-molded industrial plastic as the outer casing of this bodycam, together with the internal shock-proof cushioning design, minimizing the risk of dropping, water submerging and falling, and preventing the loss of internal video data.

On the front of the body, in addition to a high-definition camera of up to 32 megapixels, there are 9 infrared lights and a large internal sensor, realizing recording clear videos of law enforcement on duty day and night. Along with the internal high-performance processor, the bodycam also supports 720p/60fps high-speed video recording, allowing every detail to be clearly recorded.

On the body, in addition to the power button, it is also equipped with separate keys for taking photos, recording video & audio, and critical event tags. When there is an emergency in the process of duty, you only need to press a single button to start the camera or audio recording. When you press the critical event tags button, the video will be marked as an important video and permanently saved in the bodycam to ensure the authenticity of the video recording.

The B8H body camera is equipped with a built-in 3,000mAh rechargeable battery and an external battery, which makes it easy to replace the spare battery at any time and ensures long battery life. The maximum storage capacity is 128G. In addition, it has a series of functions such as night vision, file transfer, motion detection, and one-touch switching, which can assist security guard personnel in completing tasks perfectly.

B8H body camera, the professional security equipment, is compact and easy to use. The difference from the police body camera is that the application of the civilian body camera is more extensive. According to industry needs, it adopts a professional anti-fall design, which is more reliable in quality. The high definition night vision effect is not inferior to professional cameras. It has the function of simultaneous recording, audio recording and taking pictures, with ultra-high-definition pixels, super wide-angle imaging, and can capture photos with the same resolution as the video without hindering normal recording. In recording mode, you can turn on the body camera with one emergency key and enter the video mode, and you can also playback and view the files stored in this law enforcement recorder. It can be connected to a variety of devices.

In short, whether you are a manager of a security team or a member of one, body worn camera is helpful in your security guard work. Today, some of our mistakes or omissions are easily misunderstood by the public. Even if we are trying to do justice and do the right thing, we’d better be careful and record our actions and those of others. In this way, when misunderstandings and disputes occur, we can prove ourselves in time.

Jimi provides reliable body worn camera for security guards, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need.