Police Body worn camera empowers public safety

In order to better serve the safety of the people, the police would make full use of body-worn cameras in their daily work. The equipment can transmit real-time audio & video data and voice intercom through the 4G network, playing an important role in command and dispatch, law enforcement supervision, and epidemic prevention and control.

As a professional law enforcement equipment manufacturer, Jimi IoT has launched 4G body worn camera for police, which greatly meets the needs of polices’ daily work.

Jimi B8H body camera functions with 4G real-time positioning, wide-angle ultra-clear shooting, 29mm ultra-thin body, 200g weight, 2.8-inch IPS touch screen. Also, the viewing angle of the screen is 120 degrees, and it supports dynamic backlight adjustment, and power consumption can be reduced by more than 20%. B8H is equipped with large screen, allowing you to enjoy perfect touch experience. The touch screen is highly sensitive, and the sampling rate is more than 100 points/ second.

Battery features with large-capacity, long life, removable, replaceable, durable and safe. The battery capacity is 3000mah, allowing 10 hours of continuous use, and charging only takes 2 hours.
It can be used stably under harsh conditions, supports 2m drop without damage and IP68 weatherproof. SONY photosensitive chip, infrared night vision light, allowing to capture all details as clear as in the daytime.
Security protection, identity authentication, NFC function, support ID card recognition and the identification distance is 0-5cm.
1080P high-definition shooting, support for 6 kinds of resolution. Customization is available, and it can be connected to various platforms.
Real-time monitoring, professional instant positioning, 30-day track preservation, centimeter-level accuracy, GPS + Beidou positioning.
Multi-functional interface, through the USB POGO PIN with docking station, can be charged through a dedicated seat charger, support a variety of USB expansion accessories.

The 4G body worn camera is connected to the command center, and the real-time law enforcement situation and positioning information are transmitted back through 4G signals, and voice intercom is realized. When dealing with emergencies and complex situations, the command center can perform point-to-point command and dispatch visually, and do comprehensive and systematic intelligence support in the background, which will change the situation of fighting alone and provide technological support for multi-police.

The 4G body worn camera synchronously transmits the on-site situation back to the video surveillance platform in real time. The inspection department and the legal department can check the work of law enforcement officers at any time through the background, supervise the law enforcement process on the spot, and always alert law enforcement officers to regulate their behaviors, and improve law enforcement officers to standardize law enforcement consciousness. At the same time, it helps restore the scene in time, fix the evidence, record the law enforcement situation objectively, accurately, truthfully and fairly, which will strongly safeguard the legitimate law enforcement rights and interests of police officers.

Jimi IoT is actively working in the fields of public safety and law enforcement with new-generation technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. We will continue to improve product research and development system, create various applications and products that are more tailored to user needs, assist in the standardized construction of public security law enforcement, and provide customers with the highest quality law enforcement solutions. If you want to learn more about B8H body worn camera for police, please don’t hesitate to contact us.