Jimi IoT B8H: the body worn camera for civilians

In recent years, the demand for bodyworn cameras showed a rapid growth trend, in addition to judicial, city management, traffic police, customs, railroads and other law enforcement units need law enforcement recorders, many non-law enforcement units, including education, sports, hospitals and others also have an urgent demand for body camera. Law enforcement recorders are under a new period of development that applied from police use to civilian use

The demand in the civilian market is strong. Jimi IoT body worn cameras have begun to move from public security, procuratorate, and other administrative agencies to multiple fields, and their applications are becoming more and more extensive. The biggest feature is that the collected information is rich and diverse and has many dimensions to show users comprehensive on-site information.

In order to allow more industries to use law enforcement products easily and conveniently, Jimi IoT has launched a variety of professional body worn camera for civilians. The unified precision materials, delicate design, and high cost performance have redefined the concept of civilian law enforcement recorders, which have been loved by many industries after launch and become the civilian representative product of professional high-quality law enforcement recorders.

Since its launch, Jimi IoT B8H body worn camera for civilians has been highly recommended. This product can automatically edit and archive law enforcement information through the classification function, and free the staff from large amounts of data, saving work time and improving efficiency.

With GPS function, it can accurately locate the event coordinates through the latitude and longitude, which is convenient for querying in the video files, and the evidence is stronger, and the historical law enforcement itinerary can be traced through the system software.

Jimi IoT’s internal circuit board capacitors are of international standards, and the use of these high standard capacitors and internal mounting structures also enhances the safety of the board.

The B8H has a laser emitter, which can emit a positioning beam, but can firmly lock on to the target to be photographed. The B8H’s USB port is more versatile than simply charging. In fact, the more important role is linked to the walkie talkie, so that the walkie talkie becomes a signal transmitting device, and the B8H body camera is responsible for the audio function. The microphone is facing the target and the recorder is usually worn near the shoulder, so it is easier to collect the voice and record the scene completely.

Compared with other brands of bodyworn cameras on the market, Jimi IoT maintains its own distinctive character with a more user-friendly design. Taking into account the different law enforcement environments of different law enforcement entities, such as the police, in order to maintain the deterrent effect on criminals, the product needs to highlight the majesty of law enforcement recorders. When used by health departments officer or hotel personnel, the presence of the law enforcement recorder highlights humanizations and adopt a more friendly design. Jimi’s B8H body camera greatly reduces the size of the product. The length is only 100mm, which is shorter than the length of a visa card. You can easily hold it in your hand.

It also has the following features:

  • Built-in WIFI module can realize real-time data upload.
  • Replaceable rechargeable battery design, support continuous HD recording time up to 10 hours
  • Replacement TF card as storage medium, maximum support 128GB capacity
  • IP68 waterproof and dustproof, and 2-meter drop test, Even under harsh circumstances and the case is completely damaged, the memory chip can still be repaired to ensure data security
  • Anti-misoperation function, B8H will not stop recording even if other keys are accidentally touched or other accidents occur during recording
  • 120-degree wide-angle lens, make the intake picture is complete, the picture quality is clear, and the details of law enforcement are effectively recorded

From police use to civilian use, Jimi IoT continues the high standards and high-class materials used in body worn camera, allowing consumers to enjoy the highest quality and the lowest cost products from the moment they open the box. Jimi IoT law enforcement recorder has always adhered to the professional, rigorous and precise brand concept.

Jimi IoT will keep up with the pace of social development and meet the needs of the public, and continue to create dedicated HD body worn cameras for the civil industry, so as to meet the functional needs of administrative law enforcement. If you need any help, please contact us.