docking station makes data upload more convenient

The body worn camera has brought great convenience to law enforcement personnel, but the work of summarizing law enforcement information is heavy. Jimi IoT launches docking stations and helps release the burden. It is mainly used to process heavy video data and automatically upload it to the storage server to facilitate user management.

Jimi IoT body worn camera docking station adopts integrated design, ultra-clear touch screen and user-friendly access. It integrates the charging service, data upload service, space management service and time synchronization service into the docking station. Whenever a police officer plugs the body camera into the USB port of the collection station, the system can automatically detect law enforcement and check the data files. If new files are found, these new files will be uploaded automatically. After the upload is completed, the uploaded files will be cleared and space will be released for the next use, which is realized by the collection station via USB while uploading files.

Automatic identification: after the body worn camera is connected to the data docking station, the system will automatically search for the device number in the background. If the recorder device number information does not exist in the background, the collection workstation will not collect the law enforcement recorder data. Only when the data information of the law enforcement recorder exists in the background, the front-end collection software will collect the data of the device. It effectively prevents wrong data information from being collected, cutting the workload of data management personnel and improving work efficiency.
Automatic collection: after the body worn camera is connected to the docking station, the docking station will automatically collect all the data information of the law enforcement recorder equipment.
Automatic time adjustment: support the automatic time adjustment of the body worn camera through the collection station and synchronize with the time server.
Automatic classification: after data collection is completed, it is automatically classified and stored according to time & date, account number and file category.
Automatic clearing: after the data collection is completed, the video and audio data inside the body camera will be automatically clear.
Automatic charging: the law enforcement recorder is automatically charged after it is inserted into the collection station.
Automatically uploading: after the data collection is completed, the data is automatically uploaded to the server via the network, so that the streaming media files can be retrieved at any time on the browser.

Jimi IoT body worn camera docking station is powerful and practical. It has been recognized by many customers and become the necessary equipment for data storage of law enforcement officers. It integrates charging function, data upload function, time synchronization function, centralized data management function, file categorization function and disk space management function for law enforcement officers, which can effectively reduce the workload of law enforcement officers and improve work efficiency. Contact us if you want to learn more.