The Prime Minister of Malaysia Allocated RM30 Million to Purchase Body Cams for Cops

The Prime Minister of Malaysia Muhyiddin Yassin pointed out that the government has agreed to allocate RM30 million to purchase body cams for cops, protecting police officers from slander by criminals or irresponsible persons. With the use of high-tech portable body cams, he believes that the public will increase trust in law enforcement. In addition, he also pointed out that assistance is available to police officers, whether retired or still on duty, benefiting 40,000 retired police officers.
B8H body cams are using a new design, stylish appearance, simple style, compact size, easy to use, and can fully meet the needs of record and evidence collection in various fields.

Equipped with IPS full-view high-definition LCD display, HD 2.8 inches, side viewing without dark corners, bright and clear under strong light, so you can clearly browse the captured picture when using B8H playback. It also supports video pre-recording / delayed recording, one-key boot video and other functions, one-key marking of key files during shooting, easy to find and playback.
B8H body cams are equipped with 1080P high-definition video, which is convenient and quick for on-site evidence collection. The infrared mode can be switched manually/automatically, and support photo continuous shooting, timed photos, car mode, motion detection and other auxiliary functions.
One machine, one code, dedicated for special personnel. The recorded file comes with date, time, personnel number, machine number watermark. It supports password protection. Equipped with special software to set the password, unauthorized personnel can not tamper and delete the file.
It is easy to use, adopts the concept of one-key shortcuts. Important functions can be operated with one key. It is easy to switch between the required modes, which greatly improves work efficiency.
one-key recording, real-time recording when turned on, and there is also a pre-recording function, which is very useful;
one-key intercom, real-time communication;
one-key lighting, turn on to illuminate the night, infrared lights make it easy to work at night;
one-click capture allows important information to be recorded instantaneously and evidence is retained.
Since its launch, the B8H body cams have been attracted a large number of user groups. The product is small in appearance, easy to carry, adopts a new design, stylish in appearance, and simple to use, which can fully meet the needs of the Malaysian police force. With the help of body cams, the Malaysian police will not encounter any defamation in the law enforcement process, and can also ensure the transparency of the law enforcement process. Feel free to contact us ( if you want to know more.