About Jimi IoT JH018 4G Wire-Free Security Camera

Infrared (IR) LED Market is set to exceed USD 1 billion by 2024. The expanding surveillance industry across the world is projected to witness a high demand for IR LED components. CCTV security camera demand is driven by the rising investments in the government infrastructure for public safety. Infrared security cameras can deliver improved videos in no-light conditions and low light conditions. This has motivated the manufacturers to integrate advanced features into their products such as night vision capabilities augmenting the IR LED market. For instance, JIMI IoT JH018 4G Wire-Free Security Camera

No one can be in two places at the same time, but the JH018, with 4G&WIFI connection, can provide extra eyes and ears for you to watch over what matters most, indoors and out, day and night. For monitoring there where’s no Wi-fi, no power of it. The JH018 4G LTE Solar Powered IP Camera will be a go solution for this scenario. Completely wireless CCTV system.No more NVR.No more Power cables.No more Ethernet cables.Very easy to install.

JH018 has the following functions:

  1. 12,800mAh Rechargeable Battery & Solar Powered
    The solar panel is 5W, going with a super big capacity battery. There are a 12 thousand & 8 hundreds mini ampere-hours battery inside. So the unlimited sunlight can be stored in a bigger battery. The JH018 has a Long-lasting STAND-BY TIME by one charge– it can stand-by for 18-20 days even though the solar panel doesn’t work with the sunlight. If the weather keep raining you can also take out the battery to charge indoor. The battery is Rechargeable & Removable. You will never worry about the power of the camera.

If you look at the surface of the solar panel you will find it does not look like the common solar panel, there is the ETFE coating on it. The ETFE coating can make the dust easily to be wash away, it keeps the solar panel work under a high-efficiency.

  1. Trigger Record
    As a remote monitor IP Camera, JH018 is not working as the wire CCTV by 24 Hours recording, but it will work with the trigger record.
    This PIR motion sensor for detecting movement, once it detects there is any movement, JH018 will start a recording immediately, save on the cloud and send a notification to your cellphone at the same time.
  2. The Camera supporting Night vision
    With 130° Viewing Angle, you will a wider view, and it supports 1080p resolution

The JH018 Work with Mobile app Jimi IoT Cam available on iOS and Android. With the Jimi IoT Cam, you can get the notification of Video record for movement detection. You can also start live streaming to watch the video from JH018, make Two-way talk with the camera

  1. Cloud storage
    So you will never worry that you will miss some important video which has bee recorded by the JH018.

JH018 is IP65 design, working temperature up to 70℃,so it can work with many different outdoor Scenarios: Monitor Remote Property.Farm.Construction Site.Warehouse.Forbidden Zone.

Learn more at https://www.jimisecu.com/jh018-4g-wire-free-security-camera/